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Around the World in 40 Shows

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Duran Duran in 2018 (well, we wanted to even if the band didn't), Cherry Lipstick launched a series charting the history of the band through 40 key shows that saw the band travel the world.

Over 3 seperate blogs we covered 30 of those 40 shows, including The Devils, The Power Station, The Krush Brothers and more, as seen by the people who were there on that night, whether band members, journalists or fans.

Those 30 shows were published as follows:

Part 1: Shows 1-10.  1979 - 1983

Part 2: Shows 11-20.  1984 - 1991

Part 3: Shows 21-30. 1992 - 2001

This left Part 4 (shows 31-40) to complete the series. This was published in Cherry Lipstick Vol 3 Issue 9, which was given away as a bonus to those who bought In Discord and Rhyme via pre-order in January 2021. The first 30 shows were added to this fanzine, and are no longer available on the website.

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