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Welcome to the Cherry Lipstick juke box - here are a few of our favourite things.

Here we add some of our rarities / bootlegs and curiosities.

Hit play and scroll through our selection

Track listing:

1. Ordinary World.  

Live, 28 April 1991.  Royal Albert Hall, London.  The only live show in 1991, a 3-song set list (OW, Do You Believe In Shame, Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon cover).  The first play of OW, nearly two years before its official release.


2. Save A Prayer

Cover version by Eve's Plum, for the first Duran Duran tribute album, in 1998.


3. Reach Up For the Sunrise

Live, 7 July 2003, Japan.  From the first ever show of the reunion.

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