Relive being a Duran fan in the 1990s with this issue of Cherry Lipstick!


September 1993 - Too Much Information is released, US tour review, UK tour cancelled, first fans-eye view of the cancelled Dutch show where Simon lost his voice, silly stuff and all done in what passed for word processing skills 'back in the day'.


In terms of Cherry Lipstick's story, this was the key fanzine. The first two issues had sold poorly, and the planned lauch at the UK tour had stalled with the cancelled shows. This issue features the first article by John Cutcher and Manon Wortel, two people who were so crucial to our success. The CL ''small ad' in Q magazine that had a feature on Duran ensured a whole lot of readers found us... and here we still are in 2021!


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Cherry Lipstick Vol 1 Issue 3 September 1993