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#DD20 (as no one called it at the time, or seemed to notice) had arrived!  The reunion had yet to be announced, the fashion of going crazy for the anniversary of a member of Duran Duran opening a door had yet to hit.


So Cherry Lipstick (which had already announced its ending) gave Planet Earth and all things 1981 an appropriate salute. It may seem tame amongst today's nostalgia fest, but back then getting info about the early days was very hard - the band tended not to talk about it and there wasn't the same access to information.


Included here are the first sitings of Simon Le Bon diaries, a brilliant review of the debut album, a live review, clippings, memories and a special re-print of an old issue of CL from 1981...

Cherry Lipstick Vol 2 Issue 19 February 2001

SKU: CL2-19
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