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Volume 2 Issue 18


With the distribution of this fanzine came the announcement that Cherry Lipstick would be ending. The collapse of Pop Trash heralded the end. As the editor I had got bored of writing too much similar stuff - it was becoming moany. That is never a good look, and thankfully CL's readers continued to enjoy the fanzines. But it was time to get out. The promise was that there would be two more issues - one on the anniversary of Planet Earth, and then one final issue. As it turned out, that promise would not be kept, as Simon and Nick had one big secret left to reveal...


In this issue was the fan's views and reviews of Pop Trash, plus various other stuff. It was a really good issue, and if you want the full Duran2000 experience, get this issue now.


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Cherry Lipstick Vol 2 Issue18 October 2000

SKU: CL2-18
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