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Our DOUBLE-ISSUE tribute to the 40th aniversary of Rio. A brand new print fanzine, with added extras and surprises, celebrating all things 1982. A whole retrospecive on our iconic album, letting you, a discerning Duran fan, appreciate the album anew.


INCLUDES: A special exclusive interview with Malcolm Garrett (designer of Rio album cover - see picture above) about his career with Duran from 1980 - 1985


See above tribute from Anthony J Resta (Medazzaland producer who used to read Cherry Lipstick in 1990s).


PLUS! A special bonus issue with an 'alternative' look at Rio.


*Pubished on the occasion of Cherry Lipstick's 29th anniversary*

Cherry Lipstick Vol 3 Issue 13 May 2022

SKU: CL 3-13
£4.55 Regular Price
£3.64Sale Price
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