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Where the name came from Part 2...

everything needs a name... and I always liked albums with names that gained their titles from songs... though thinking back I'm not sure now I can think of any other than Under A Blood Red Sky. And Achtung Baby, though that came after CL was named. and that suggests the fanzine should be about another group.

Anyhoo, this new 'Duranzine' (I thought I'd made up that name, I didn't know there were any others) needed a name and I wanted a line from a song. but which one? I decided to look at lyric sheets from each album in order and then pick the best one. so I started with Duran Duran and looked at the first song, Girls On Film. There was the line, it didn't make any sense as it was, so I spun it and that was it. I didn't look further. one of the quicker decisions I have made and here we are 27 years on. I've not even considered whether there are better ones out there.

The name seems to have worked as it always managed to stand out in lists of the fanzines of the time. it also suggested something classy and exotic, which clearly the fanzine wasn't, so perversely that worked as well.

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