Dancing On The Valentine

Twitter, 7 May 2017:

@Lipstick_Cherry replying to @_cherryicecream

“The next poll is all yours... Please DM me”

And so it begins… An open offer to a Cherry Lipstick fan to be our first guest pollster. And this is the introduction to the poll Ruth chose…


So I get asked to come up with the next CL poll... well I'm gonna be a bit naughty here, get people's juices flowing. I mean, you could ask Most Cryptic Song, Simon's Worst Outfit, Hottest Video etc etc and I could find suitable examples. But…

Most sensual song / bedroom soundtrack? i.e. What song are you most likely to have sex to. Now we have something.

My big mouth landed me the task of compiling this poll so in keeping with being a little naughty, Cherry Lipstick wants to know what Duran Duran song makes you sing when making music in the bedroom?! (Too cryptic? Sex, shagging, whatever you’re having...)

The Cherry Lipstick poll rules are - I have learnt - to keep the choices to three and no songs that have already appeared in a CL poll are allowed. This means that my album’s worth tweaked in order to fit the moment is out, but I suppose for some blokes a "flute interlude" is all they can sadly manage anyway.

Firstly, some of the songs that didn't make the cut. Save A Prayer... despite reportedly being about a one night stand (so possibly quite appropriate), the panacea that is SAP gets trotted out for famous deaths, politically motivated atrocities, bar mitzvahs etc etc.... Sadly for me that's diluted its original meaning. Skin Trade Parisian Remix.... now this one is definitely on the, umm, extended soundtrack, somewhere in the middle, but, like many a man, on its own it makes the assumption the oven has been preheated.... tut tut tut! I know you are all gonna be expecting Bedroom Toys, just don't want peals of laughter spoiling the real fun. I really wanted to throw Venice Drowning in here (I mean how perfect is that????) but I was told no, VD has had its Cherry Lipstick poll moment in the sun (or maybe it's just a reminder of venereal diseases!!) Other considerations... Northern Lights and Arcadia s Missing.

But here's your final 3 for your consideration, folks. Depends on your mood (wink wink): UMF, To The Shore, My Antarctica. Now somebody make a Spotify playlist!!




And for those of you who are wondering what has happened to Cherry Lipstick these days, here's a reminder of the centrespread in Volume 2 Issue 4 from July 1997

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