"We've got one more..."

These days unless you're attending the first show of the tour it's quite hard to avoid the set list. It's gonna be out there on social media. Some people like to know what they're going to be playing. I don't. I love the surprise. I'm thinking back to a show they did in the late 90s when they played the most beautiful rearranged version of Secret Oktober. So unexpected and so moving that I had tears in my eyes.

I'm very fortunate to have seen them on the Rio and Sing Blue Silver tours wayyyy back and so obviously I got to witness the very early tracks performed live. Some fans, however haven't. Perhaps you were not a fan then, maybe not allowed by the parents or you just weren't born! Imagine if at the next Duran Duran show you attended they DIDN'T PLAY RIO as the last song of the night!!

What if they were to play something else just for this one show that you were at. You're stood there expecting to hear Rio start up, but no, you hear the sound of something familiar but you can't quite work it out. Then it becomes more familiar. Could it be? No way. Oh my God they're gonna play!!!.....

I have chosen three songs that I would love to hear as the closing song at a concert. I've chosen them as the chances of hearing them live are so slim. I also just really love them and they have the guts to be fantastic live, stompy party songs. These are my picks for the Cherry Lipstick poll for you to vote on:

Late Bar

Sound Of Thunder

Of Crime And Passion


Be very jealous - here are Fliss's tickets for Hammersmith 3 November 1982 and Wembley 18 December 1983

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