The Best Of Cherry Lipstick: #4 Boys On Film

May 28, 2017

To mark the uploading of CL Vol 2 Issue 13 to the website, here is an article from that issue.


This issue showcases us fans waiting expectantly for the new album.  We had heard it was called Hallucinating Elvis and the band toured the States that summer of 1999, even playing some of the new songs.  Of course, it was to be over a year before the album - now called Pop Trash - was to be released.


Boys On Film captures the fun of waiting for the new stuff by killing time enjoying the old.  As a twist it brings in non-fans and reads as great now as back then.  Boys On Film went on to have two sequels which ran in subsequent issues which will be uploaded to the website soon(ish).


And First Mammaries is still a great name for a song.  Or a Duran tribute band.







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