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The Best of Cherry Lipstick: #5 Election Day 1994

Cherry Lipstick was one year old and there had been a lot of interest in a Reader's Poll. Therefore an extensive Best Ever / Worst Ever poll was set out, which included the obvious (single / album) as well as the more niche issues of the day (Under-rated / Over-rated song and Best / Worst Haircut).

The full issue is on the CL website here, but on this UK General Election Day (cue music), here is a snap-shot of the state of the Duraning nation 23 years ago.

(P.S. and as its 2017 and not 1994 I no longer have to explain individually to non-UK Readers who Mr Blobby is - please click here)


Best lyric: Ordinary World - and the rest:

The worst haircuts...

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