Fanzine Week Day 1

Welcome to the new issue of Cherry Lipstick!

We’ve been up and running for nearly 3 months and getting used to the ways of the web. For those who haven’t noticed, it’s not paper. And that has changed the way Cherry Lipstick has been presented.

But no more!

This week we are a paper fanzine again - so we've got a proper new front cover. It’s time to get down and dirty with some great new articles from new writers and CL regulars. Quick, short and hopefully a bit funny.

There will be a post every day this week so we hope you’ll check in and join in – all contributions, can be sent by email to: or DM at @lipstick_cherry on Twitter.

It was common in the past to say how great Cherry Lipstick was, so feel free to continue that tradition.

Thank you for making CL so welcome back in the Duran community,

Adam Wilson, Editor

10 July 2017

Every issue of Cherry Lipstick had someone who wanted to put the world to rights and tell the band how to do things properly. So welcome back to CL Jon Woodhouse!

2018 will incredibly be the 40th anniversary of Duran Duran's formation! It’s incredible how they have achieved this I'm not sure. I remember looking at a copy of Music Week in 2000 (pre mass internet use!) and seeing Pop Trash had rocketed into the album chart at no.53. Feeling totally deflated by this I could see nothing else but the end of the band.

However on the back of 2001's reunion they have worked and toured very hard winning countless accolades and awards along the way. Despite this none, of their 4 albums of varying quality (not enough words for this here) have managed to shift many copies, 2004's Astronaut was probably the best at an estimated 1 million copies.

So where in the past I would never have suggested this I'm going to now. It's time for another Greatest Hits! Why? For one it's been 20 years since the last one and for another, a new Hits album would mean the general public could get involved and enjoy those old classics again. But for the band it would give the chance to sneak in a few of the new ones! There's some good ones: Sunrise, Falling Down, All You Need and Pressure Off would showcase far better on a hits album. And you never know, they could add in some lesser known tracks, B sides and, God forbid, some unheard demos!

Warner Bros, I'm sure, could make a success of this. The right packaging, marketing and on line / digital formats, backed with a big tour would surely make this a big hit. OK, there maybe some legal stuff to sort with previous labels but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

Back up all of the above (but not None of the Above) with a legends or headline slot at Glastonbury 2019 and Duran Duran are back big time!

More from Jon on Twitter: @JonnyW1969

From UK political magazine Private Eye 30 June 2017

Band names. Usually the story is boring. But this was the 80s and while our lads raided a saucy film and an obscure character from the 1960s... someone else raided a gruesome image from the 1940s...

(The origins of the name 'Wham!' are too complex to understand)

For many of us, our first concert was some time ago. This is therefore a particularly refreshing story of how Duran continue to welcome new fans to their shows and how those emotions we felt so long ago are brought back to life from this Paper Gods show.

Cherry Lipstick welcomes Notoriousaurus Rex to its pages:

My First... Concert: Philips Arena, Atlanta, 15 April, 2016

Duran Duran was instrumental in helping me overcome depression and I felt like I'd never be able to see them. Much like the average joe, I thought they were done making music when I first "discovered" them back in 2013.

Fast forward to April 15, 2016, and I'm standing in line with a bunch of 30-40 year old (some inebriated) women, all of us wearing DD shirts waiting to see the band. With this being my first/concert in general, I had no idea what to expect. My mindset was, "okay these guys are almost 60, it's not gonna be THAT loud, right?" Oh man, I was wrong!

Chic teased us with how epic the night would be. They cured me of Danceophobia LONG before Duran showed up! I honestly cried seeing the Durans take the stage. I pretty much looked like any screaming girl from their concerts in the 80s, only with more hair on my face. Then, seeing Simon walk on stage gracefully, it was a moment I had never thought I'd be alive to see. For the next hour and a half, I sang, I danced.

It was easily the greatest night of my life.

Twitter: @notoriousaurus

Notoriousaurus Rex sent in a great pic of the confetti at the end, but this is Fanzine Week so he's been brave and helped us celebrate by resurrecting the CL Crap Photo Competition! Nice and blurry, just what we're used to. Do you have an entry?

And finally, it's today's Review From the 1980s: Is There Something I Should Know.

Yes, it's by that Marc Almond

See you back here tomorrow!

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