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Evolution of a Duranie Part 2

Back by popular demand - it's Fliss and the second part of her Duraning life:

The other day I was minding my own business when suddenly Cherry Lipstick posted for the world to see the time in 1998 when I told everyone about my life as a Duran fan.

And then I got asked to update people. So, here I am, continuing my little life story based around the years of DD album releases. [Or should I say "dropped"? This seems to be the term used nowadays. When did it change from "released" to "dropped" and why?]

I’m picking things up from Pop Trash. Now a bit older, but not much wiser...


I'm in love! Hurrah! He asked me out by fax (how very modern) telling me to meet him after work by the clock tower. What an exciting start to the year! Of course life doesn't stay this romantic and am once again single by the end of the year. Heart-broken. But, Duran tour and I go to see them with non other than Mr Cherry Lipstick himself. He sees this as a great opportunity to try getting some new readers. We walk up and down the queue at Earls Court handing out free copies of CL. I'm wearing my new grey beanie hat and he tells me I look like the girl from Blair Witch. Great. Also this year.... Got my first mobile phone… Woo!!


All 5 members of DD are back together. They're all over the TV and back in the charts. Life is good. I have a new man and have been with him a year (long time for me). One night he got a little drunk and suggested we go to see Duran on their reunion tour. Yay for alcohol! By the next day he regrets his excessive alcohol consumption as he's on a train with me to Wembley Arena to get tickets off a tout. A great, unforgettable night.


Oh God. I'm approaching 40 how can this be? I find out my office is due to close and I’ll be transferring to Milton Keynes. That's miles away. No more walking to work. I'm still with the same man. The day of RCM arrives and I rush to the shop to buy it. What's this crap? Maybe it'll be better after another listen. Sadly, no. CD gets put away in cupboard. *unearthed in 2016 and is now a favourite*


Now in my 40s and exhausted from my daily commute but too lazy to look for work closer to home. Still with same man from 2004 but no wedding ring or kids. Good. So again a little too much alcohol is consumed and he suggests we see DD on tour again (think my fella is actually a closet Duranie.) This time we're at the London 02. Our seats are way too high up. I can hardly move in case I fall on the people below. Unfortunately, though, my bottle of water does. So sorry I ruined the show for someone. It's actually the fault of the 02 for not allowing me to have the lid for my bottle as ‘it's dangerous'.


Now old enough to be a grandmother, but thankfully not. Possibly too old to become a mother. Good. Still working in Milton Keynes (still lazy) but now part time. Mortgage free, yeah!! And an ex-smoker by 3 years. This was the first time I bought a new DD album on download. Also bought it on CD 'just in case’ cos you can't trust technology, can you? On hearing they were doing a tour and playing the 02 my fella stayed sober so we didn't get to see them this time around. Big shame.

I joined the rest of the world and opened Facebook and Twitter accounts after years of saying I'd never go on them. So glad I did as like many of you I'm reunited with old friends. Gained a load of new ones that I don't actually know but I get to see what they eat and drink on a night out etc. We do however have one thing in common. Our love of Duran Duran and that's very special.

And as for that school bully from way back in the Rio years – well, naturally I looked her up on Facebook and looks like she's now married. We have two mutual friends and I poked her in the eye. OK, it was her profile picture of course, not her real eye...

Follow Fliss on Twitter: @PreedyFelicity


Today's record review from the 80s: Girls On Film

Reviews were often negative back in the day (including in Smash Hits - CL re-tweeted an poor review about Rio in May). This is from NME who continue their hate-hate-love relationship with the band.


Inspired by Fliss's stories of being a fan, Ruth Galvin recalls her memories of 1996:

My First... Melody Maker Cassette, 9 March 1996

I remember a demo cassette from Melody Maker called Romo. There was a song called Lights Camera Action....? Was that Plastic Fantastic? I would play this new New Romantic tape in my bedroom hoping to invoke a Duran Duran revival (let's face it they needed it when Thank You came out) to an audience of DD and Blur posters and a few childhood teddies. Nobody looked impressed!

I was never going to be cool - what I didn't know then was the begrudging admiration and slight envy that people have when they see that 22 years later you are still reaping the rewards of your loyalty. Because having a cool edge has an air of the untouchable about it. To be the constant as everything changes around you is the unrealised goal of "edginess" for the masses that get carried by the tides of trends. Of course you could argue that DD chase trends but it's much like a dog chases a car. That dog won't win any rosettes at Crufts, but chances are it has a much more fun, loving relationship with its owners.

More from Ruth at the wonderful website Head Full Of Chopstick


Were you there? Or just wish you'd been there? has this as being on 12 December 1980 - but no setlist has been added.


"opened in October 1978 until 1984. Two shows were sometimes played per night, and the ambience was akin to a nightclub, where audience members sat at tables and could have drinks and meals while listening to the acts. It was also popular for use by record companies showcasing new signings to the music media"

None of the rest of these guys are touring in 2017!

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