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Fanzine Week 2: Day 5

What a week! You have seen Volume 3 Issue 2 of Cherry Lipstick created day-by-day!

As is traditional, we end with your views on what you’ve been reading at Cherry Lipstick over the past two months. CL is all about the reading and the writing – and what you think about it.

So this is a round-up of your views and a chance for new readers to catch-up.

But first, please let’s remember those fantastic Cherry Lipstickers that made this unique Fanzine Week as amazing as it was:

Day 1: Jon Woodhouse and Notoriousaurus Rex

Day 2: Geronimo and George Kopsaftis

Day 3: Barbie-Rella and Paul Nicholson

Day 4: Fliss and J.R. Kiss

8 contributors over 4 days – only Cherry Lipstick fans can do this - THANK YOU!!!

Will you be part of the next Fanzine Week?


Previously on Cherry Lipstick:

Medazzaland album review by C.K. Shortell

The artwork was 'interesting'... not a fan but Out of My Mind is superb, Midnight Sun and So Long also very good and Big Bang Generation is half decent. I’d score it 5/10


I really love this CD. I even like Nick's song. The best song (Sinner or Saint) was not on the CD. I respect that but it was a B side, but I was thrilled when I heard the song... I can agree with most everything in the review, but Buried In The Sand is great. the song is so powerful lyrically... it's about John leaving, but hits home. I saw John as a solo artist in Phonenix and Chicago (lead singer he is not, though).


I thought some of the article was a little harsh (especially on Silva Halo) but any review that gets people listening to it again is great! I love the whole album but Midnight Sun wins hands down, absolutely gorgeous song


Bizarrely enough I was playing it earlier today. I love the album and I'm following it now with Pop Trash. Warren Cuccurullo is a legend.


Midnight Sun, Be My Icon, Undergoing Treatment… I love this cool edgy album!


Great review! My first ever Duran Duran show was two weeks prior at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Loved both the '97 and '81 material!


I would love, love, love to be at a venue of that size! Fantastic


Oh my, it seems like yesterday. Boy, I'd like to rewrite parts of that review. It seems so not-cool to be gushing over Simon like that. was the truth. And now the whole internet knows forever. Also, it seems that it's a common and pretty dirty trick for support bands to be given lousy sound systems, to make the main act sound that much better. Didn't know that at the time. I still remember how flat and distant All's Not Well sounded, compared to DD. Probably wasn't all their fault. They were frightful, though. It appears that the State Palace Theatre was flooded when the levees failed after Hurricane Katrina, and has mostly been closed since. Sad! as Trump would say.

By the author - John Cutcher, via email

The Under-Rated by Rokos Frangos

Very funny - but a good point well made. We could now add a second 11 no doubt. Could you imagine the bun fight in deciding a second 11 by public consensus? Fun times!


The dysfunctional family of siblings "songs" by DD. Gotta love it...


Live and Let Die by Adam Wilson

I got to hear Beautiful Colours and Virus live in 2003, along with the original version of What Happens Tormorrow including the bit of Silent Icy River. I am very upset, though that I missed out on 2 shows where I would have heard 2 more on the list. The show where they played PL You in 1995 was shortly after my dad passed away and my life was in a state of upheaval trying to organize things and figure out what to do with my 14 year old sister. Then in 2000, I went to the House of Blues shows on 28th and 29th, but not the 30th because it was my hubby's birthday. I didn't go to the last 3 shows either, just those 2. I wish I had gone to more then, especially the only time they played a song live. ARGH!!!!

Nique Quesada, via FB

That is one of finest pieces I've ever seen written about our beloved DD. I admire your self--control...I doubt could be so composed.


The best bit is the recognition and approval from our boys themselves & I must say on a personal level, it doesn't get much better than that hey. Ahh, that's the life I say, a DD show, front row seats, then later autographs from DD, umm kisses from DD, photos with DD (yes all 4) and a chat ! After The Rain, via Duran pro board

I feel I was there through Ruth's eyes. I can hear the crowd singing along... Her name is Rio…


Brilliant review, I can feel the excitement in your words, and if I close my eyes I can hear the music, the screaming crowd. Thanks Ruth!


Entertaining and wonderfully written… I've experienced an 8 hour wait but it's so worth it!


Congratulations, Cherry, if you're out there reading this! I'm very glad you got to experience such a wonderful event and meet the guys! It's always great to read your thoughts! Madoldlu, via Duran pro board


Erin Stevenson (Yes, that one) via Twitter

And, of course, this review by Ruth was re-tweeted by the official Duran Duran twitter feed:

Arena Album Review by Adam Wilson

Fantastically written review Adam, I've never analysed Arena in such depth. It was that blend of Greatest Hits and Live that they wanted to capture, and rushed it out in time to catch the Christmas market. It is particularly strange why they omitted Reflex and Girls on Film, you'd have thought they were certs for the listing. I think Arena closes that opening section of Duran Duran, as far as albums go, quite nicely. But as you say, adding the visuals of Sing Blue Silver / As The Lights Go Down make it so much better.

Paul Nicholson, via FB

Save A Prayer as a Forgotten Horror by John Cutcher

Exactly! Only thing is the article [written in 1998] makes it sound like there was only Do You Believe In Shame that would have been about death, when by the time it was written, all 3 songs, the aforementioned, Ordinary World and Out of My Mind had all been released. Side note, who is that swimming around in Tony's video?

Nique Quesada, via FB

I agree. I've always found it odd that this is the dedication song for lost friends. I get Ordinary World as a dedication song but there are others.


Totally in agreement here. Moreover because Save A Prayer and Ordinary World are the "go to" commiseration songs, their impact gets diluted with every tribute.


I think maybe it's because it's their most popular ballad -and that it's always been associated with heightened emotion. I agree with the analysis and the cognitive dissonance.


"What has it got to do with mourning?" Always thought it was an odd choice for that sentiment....


Originally published in Cherry Lipstick in 2001, this was enjoyed by many on its re-print in 2017 – with requests for a search to see if more can be found. See below!

I Do What I Do as a Lost Treasure by Adam Wilson

Great movie. Honored to be part of it. JT's only solo single. Impeccable guy and good friend.

Michael Des Barres (Yes, that one) via Twitter

I have this in a box in the basement.


Great film, not so keen on the song. Pretty sure its in the film. I think it's when they're being chased and she's dressed like a man?


JT solo conclusion, the music is always better than the singing… play the f-ing bass John. There's a better way.. you umm..sang so yourself. That drum beat is quite First Impression which is quite The The's ‘Infected’.


Ooooooh I looooove John in this super sexy video. 'Do u look the way.. u wanted to look. Do you feeel the way.. u wanted to feel? Are u happy now..?' OH YASSSS JOHN YAAAAS!




The Sixth Album Review


(found by popular demand)

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