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The School of Durantology

The Waterbabies wrote for Cherry Lipstick from the early issues of 1993 until the end of the paper zine in 2001. This Dutch duo were a regular feature of the middle and / or back pages: the bit where some funny stuff would go. This appears to damn with faint praise - what looks frivolous is actually thoughtful and crafted. And here is this offering from late-1999. Who needs detailed lyrical analysis when you can just translate things into plain English? Cherry Lipstick had just featured some Greek and French translations of songs (we wrote about all sorts of things!), which inspired this piece.


It's not Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese translations we need. We justw abnt a comprehensible English translation of Simon's lyrics! Thanks to our recent graduation from the School of Durantology, we so proudly bring you the Le Bon-to-English translations of the song-with-the-flat-chested-weird-but-so-artistic-woman-video and the we-are-not-a-teeny-bopper-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-band-track.


This article originally appeared in this issue of Cherry Lipstick

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