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Fanzine Week 3: Day 3

We've all done it... bought something we shouldn't to prove we're a fan - but how about something that you couldn't? Fliss did...

My First... CD Single: Meet 'el' Presidente

The Summer of 95: I bought a house which meant a lot of expense came a long with it. I luckily had a friend from work sorted to move in as my lodger. She'd be moving in after I'd got the place decorated and homely for us. Now one thing I didn't have was a CD player. All I had was a radio/cassette player.

I did however have a CD....

Yes just the one. I'd bought Meet El Presidente in 1987 and had never listened to it! It came with three versions of the song (I think) and was in a very cute cardboard gatefold sleeve. I was never a fan of the Notorious album, so why I'd bought something I wasn't keen on and couldn't use I will never know. Possibly just because it was DD and I'd wanted to do my bit to help keep them in the charts that little bit longer.

So lodger-moving-in day arrived. I was so excited and imagined we were going to be like Rachel and Monica from Friends (I would probably be Monica). In she came with so much 'stuff '. 'It'll never all fit in that room', I thought to myself. But then, what did I see?!?! My eyes lit up.... a CD player!! She had a CD player!!

That's when my help to get her stuff in the house ended.

"I have a CD I've never listened to. Can we play it please?"

"What is it?"

"Duran Duran. But it's only a single. It's not a whole album!"

"You can use my CD player whenever you like.......when I'm not here!"

"I was hoping to play it now. Only 3 tracks." I'd waited since 1987 and really couldn't wait any longer.

"Go on then."

My lodger was about 6 years younger than me and was into Britpop and Glastonbury. I wasn't. Not even a little bit. But we still got on well. We were friends. Tracks 1 and 2 came and went. I was a little disappointed.

"I think I'll play the rest another day. Wouldn't want you to move out already!"

Lodger looked relieved and quickly replaced it with Blur.

I never did play the rest of it, even when I got my own CD player a year or so later. I don't even know where it is. Possibly got swallowed up in all my lodgers 'stuff' and moved out with her some 18 months later when she got pregnant and moved in with her new man. It would be nice to have it, I suppose.

Cherry Lipstick says: Can you help Fliss?

Do you have this CD single? Can you play it for her and let her know if it is any good? Or does anyone have a spare copy to help Fliss re-live those fleeting moments in 1995 when she heard two of those tracks for the first and only time?


Help has already started to arrive from Frank via Twitter!

Here are some pictures to remind Fliss of what she had. Meet el Presidente was actually the FIRST EVER Duran CD single - and it had 4 tracks, not 3. But it did have a nice gatefold sleeve.


How about this! The UK album chart from June 1981 - the first time Duran Duran were in the album chart. A new entry at no 9. Along with the New Romantics were heavy metal (no 1), disco (no 3), reggae (no 4), punk (no 7), and a Phil Collins (no 10).


From 1987 back to 1981... Jon Woodhouse wants to reminds us of another lost Duran gem

You're going out and just need a tune to put on whilst getting ready. One of the best tunes for this in my view is My Own Way, maybe a little bit forgotten and unloved by some. For me it's the perfect going out song, it's optimism plus unashamed message of freedom and 'you can do what you want' attitude makes it a winner... the song always puts me on a high, not to mention the musicianship which is exceptional in particular the thumping bass and drums. Vocally a part that always stands out for me is the slightly different way 'Cos I've got My Own Way' is sung in the second chorus compared to the first.... this is not an accident, but is done to re emphasise the message. It always has been and will continue to be my 'going out' song.


Cherry Lipstick Catch Up #4:

Every so often we dig out the rotten from Duran's back catalogue.

Back in May 2017, Morgan Richter decided to pick on Lonely In Your Nightmare



"Headline in tomorrow's papers..."

There is a danger in our midst. Some would go so far as to call it a crisis. It has emerged that a Duran-related news event could happen and a newspaper will not have a suitable headline available to cover the story.

So Cherry Lipstick has come to the world’s media’s aid. Here is our handy cut-out-and-keep guide to potential Duraning stories and headlines to be used in the (likely) event that they happen:


(UK media) Yasmin (or Amber) goes shopping but is only looking for several items of underwear.

(US media) Yasmin (or Amber) goes shopping but is only looking for several pairs of trousers.


John has a headache and goes to the chemist for some aspirin.


Nick writes a self-help guide for expectant mothers.


Roger goes to a hot country but the lotion is on the top shelf and he has to ask an assistant to get it down for him (he might actually say this headline if he was being rude during this event).


Japanese Duranies have a meet up and a drink


A shipment of toy bath ducks has been dropped out of a top-floor window and scattered over a wide area and Simon has offered to help pick them all up.


Police catch the person who raided the ladies changing rooms at a gymnasium (note: not a member of Duran Duran).

And finally… it has to be….


Yasmin (or Amber) opens up a plus-size lingerie store

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