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Fanzine Week 3: Day 5

And finally, to close a fantastic week and end this issue of Cherry Lipstick...

Let's review what was in Volume 3 Issue 3:

Day 1: Notoriousaurus Rex was in Vegas and J.R. Kiss with Big Thing promises

Day 2: Ruth considered the strange story of Someone Else Not Me, and the Duran 'Vevo' You Tube Top 20 was revealed

Day 3: Fliss got a CD but couldn't listen to it, Jon loved My Own Way, and some Duran headlines were written

Day 4: The Paper Goddess made her CL debut, and JT showed off his 2000 collection.

We finish with one of our regulars, Baranduin Briggs, and her latest contribution for you.

We usually end with your letters, but this issue is different, because Cherry Lipstick is different. So many contributors, so many different styles, so many different ideas. And there's lots more to come (see at the bottom of this page for what's next).

Thank you for your support - Cherry Lipstick is made by us all.

By the fans. For the fans.

Since 1993.


What is my favourite Duran Duran song live? Hmmm… I’ve seen Duran Duran more than a few times over the decades. The Paper Gods shows are nice and fresh in my memory, especially as I have images to help remind me. I do like to go to the concerts because of the great visuals the band utilises for the songs.

"Wild Boys” is so great- the flames - I’ve got pictures where JT’s hair looks like it’s on fire, NR’s camera is on fire… and then there’s the JoSi moments. That’s my favorite.

Oh, wait. Some of the best visuals are during (Reach Up For The) Sunrise / New Moon On Monday. You’ve seen my SLB pic in my Cherry Lipstick Las Vegas review, right? And the JT Moon one! That’s my favourite live song.

But then there’s the energy in “White Lines”, not to mention the flashing skulls. The band feeds off that energy, the place is electric, it’s so amazing. That would totally be my favorite, but no way am I picking a favourite that’s a cover tune. Also the whole spit zone thing. It’s fine if you like it. Me. Eh.

“Hold Back The Rain” is such a great addition to the setlist and adding the classic photographs as the backdrop was perfection. If I had had a better angle that would absolutely be my new favourite song live. As it was I could barely see over the video camera guy.

“Pressure Off” is so great - it’s at the perfect spot in the middle of the set, with the video playing behind them so you can actually see RT instead of just the occasion flash of drumsticks. The huge projection of NR looming over SLB on stage, JT unzipping his jacket while he plays his bass below, culminating in a blast of pink and white confetti. The very epitome of the tour, yes? So it’s my favourite. I think.

“Save a Prayer”. Now that’s my favourite live song. Classic Duran Duran. SLB with the guitar. The crowd all into it, singing along, waving their lit up phones, adding in the whoa-oh-oh bit from Arena to show they are old school fans.

But … but “A View To A Kill”, with that blood red contrast James Bond swirl. The disco balls in “Notorious”. OH! “The Reflex”. Such a highlight from the very first time I saw them to the most recent. What does NR say? Is any Duran Duran setlist complete without “Hungry LIke The Wolf” or “Planet Earth”? How do I pick a favourite? “Rio?” Yes, well, my classic, signature images have been from “Rio”. No show would be complete without it. I’d love to see “New Religion” live. Well, again. I have, but it’s been awhile. A long while.

My real favourite is a moment. (cues image)

Even before the lights come up on “Paper Gods” - when the fog starts rolling out and the band comes out and takes their places and the possibilities are so open. What will make this show special? What will make these moments unique?

This… this is my favourite song.



Our 9th Album Review - Seven and the Ragged Tiger

which songs will get the full 5*?


The Power Station get some special attention

Duran go all foreign

and also GILFs, diaries and various CL memories from the past 25 years

See you soon!

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