At Your Liberty

Avoiding all references to 'smelling like I sound' is Cherry Lipstick's intrepid reporter, Paul Nicholson who was inclined to spend a little time at London's Liberty store last week - and bumped into a few famous people (photos below).


On Monday 8 October my friend messaged me to tell me that there was a Duran related event the next day at the Liberty Store in London. A perfume launch. I didn't get it either. But a Google search confirmed the connection. I know the store well, it's a landmark, one of London's most beautiful shops, a wooden construction from the early 1900s, the entire store built using the timbers of two old battle ships.

I wasn't sure whether to go, I didn't want to waste an evening if my chances of meeting them were minimal. But my Tuesday afternoon cleared, the rumors of band attendance increased and at 5pm I headed across London. The store was open, so I posed as a store customer and perused the 3 floors and checked out the party area in the basement which was adequately cordoned off.

Guessing how the band would arrive and which entrance they'll use is a mix of instinct and luck. A few fans (there weren't many, we only had a day's notice at best) stood at the back entrance of the store where the entrance for the event guests was. I had a hunch that my best chance to meet them was around the front if they arrived by taxi.

And then came a surreal moment when Simon and Yasmin came walking along the street towards us, not knowing which entrance they should be using. Simon was friendly and happy to have a picture, Yasmin offered to take it but I wanted her in it too! Instantly my evening became a massive success, I had a selfie pic worthy of an "OMFG!" status on Facebook!

Then along comes a tall guy named John Taylor. He knew some of the other fans and greeted them by name. I've only met him briefly twice and never to talk to, but he was friendly and welcoming and also happy to assist my request for a photo. After that, as time progressed we concluded that the other band members had eluded us, so we did the British thing and went to the pub for a couple of pints.

An hour later we sensed we had to get back to our stalking duties if we were to catch them on the way out. We were a little late; Simon and Yasmin were just getting in their cab. I spotted one of the Bloom Twins girls (Nick's project, played support for DD) and had a chat with her, she was lovely. But while I was chatting to her, Roger had passed. A short while later John and Dom exiting the building together. John was kept occupied by the other fans so I took the chance to share a joke with Dom and get another photo. I was on a roll now, I had 3 selfies, but the man I really wanted to meet would be next, Nick has always been my choice member of the band. While he signed someone else's CD I asked him if he'd be OK to have a photo with me. Ever the gentleman, he obliged. He had to pop inside again afterwards and on his second exit I asked him to sign my Rio CD. I was one happy Duranie.

So that was almost that. I stood at the side of the street, picking my favourite photos and feeding them to Facebook thinking my evening was done when Roger drove up in his car to collect Mrs T. I had to take my chance! Cracking a joke with him about his car not quite being the Aston Martin from the TV documentary, Roger too obliged my request for a photo.

So I had the set! From not expecting to even meet them I’d had the opportunity for a photo with all of them and made a couple of new fan friends along the way. All 5 of the band (or 4 plus Dom, whichever way you want to word it) had been friendly and obliging in our requests. It was a public event and I'm sure they enjoy the small amount of fan attention that we give them on such occasions. I've been a fan for 37 years and it was only the fourth time I've met them, always at such official engagements. My photos are a forever keepsake of such a memorable evening, and I remain Duranie to the core.

And, no, I didn’t buy any perfume.


You can buy the perfume from this link

Here are the pics of the lucky Duran Duran who all met Paul

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