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Ultimate 80s World Cup Poll

The Duran Duran World Cup of the 80s! Hosted by Cherry Lipstick!

Ever wondered which is the fans’ favourite 1980s Duran track? Well, let’s find out!

In the 1980s, Duran Duran released a variety of music (singles, b-sides, instrumentals, interludes) that we have got down to 64 tracks. Away from the Decade-mob, there are a few that you, dear reader, might just be cheering on: from Secret Oktober and Hold Back The Rain, to Vertigo and Late Bar. Or how about Palomino and I Believe? They are all here, in with a chance of winning the grand title “Duran's 1980s World Champion”.

So who's in the competition?

Some official original releases have been excluded: the two ‘interludes’ from Big Thing, the instrumental b-side “That Fatal Kiss”, and the various live b-sides (except for one…). Lake Shore Driving does make it, though. There are also two (possibly controversial) inclusions waiting for you at the end of this list.

Hopefully you will agree that this represents the very best of Duran Duran in the 1980s. All voting is via the Cherry Lipstick Twitter page @Lipstick_Cherry

Here’s how it will work:

Round 1 - 64 songs in 16 groups (4 songs per group). Top 2 go through.

The four songs will be drawn, one each, from Pots A, B, C and D.

Pot A: The UK Singles

Planet Earth, Girls On Film, My Own Way, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, Rio, Is There Something I Should Know, Union of the Snake, New Moon On Monday, The Reflex, Wild Boys, A View To A Kill, Notorious, Skin Trade, I Don’t Want Your Love, All She Wants Is (16)

NOTE: Careless Memories, Meet ‘el’ Presidente, Do You Believe in Shame and Burning The Ground, as the singles with the lowest chart positions, go in Pot D

Pot B: The album tracks from Duran Duran, Rio and Seven and the Ragged Tiger

Friends of Mine, Nightboat, Sound of Thunder, Anyone Out There, Tel Aviv (5)

Hold Back the Rain, Last Chance on the Stairway, The Chauffeur, Lonely in Your Nightmare, New Religion (5)

Cracks in the Pavement, I Take The Dice, Of Crime and Passion, Shadows on Your Side, Tiger Tiger, Seventh Stranger (6)

NOTE: To The Shore, My Own Way and The Reflex (album versions) go in Pot D

Pot C: The album tracks and b-sides from Notorious and Big Thing

American Science, A Matter of Feeling, Hold Me, So Misled, Vertigo, Winter Marches On, Proposition, We Need You (8)

Big Thing, Too Late Marlene, Drug, Land, Palomino, Edge of America, Lake Shore Driving, I Believe (All I Need To Know) (8)

Pot D: B-sides and extras

The failed singles: Careless Memories, Meet ‘el’ Presidente, Do You Believe in Shame, Burning The Ground (4)

The 1981-1983 original b-sides: Late Bar, Khanada, Faster Than Light, Like An Angel, Faith In This Colour, Secret Oktober (6)

There’s only room for one live official cover version and it is: Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (1)

The Beatles-esque ‘specially ruined for the USA’ lost album track: To The Shore (1)

The other-version album tracks: My Own Way, The Reflex (2)

And finally, the 1985 ringers: Election Day, Some Like It Hot (2)

Pot A will be drawn in release order, so Group 1 gets Planet Earth, Group 2 gets Girls On Film, and so on through to All She Wants Is in Group 16. Pots B, C and D are drawn randomly.

So Group 5 could be:

Save A Prayer, New Religion, Secret Oktober, Election Day.

While Group 7 could be a slightly less inspiring:

Is There Something I Should Know, Cracks in the Pavement, So Misled, Faith In This Colour.

Top 2 go through! If there are any ties, there will be a 6-hour quick-vote shoot-out to determine who goes through.

Round 2 – 32 songs.

At the end of the group stage there will be 16 group winners and 16 runners-up. They will be drawn against each other in a knock-out round, leaving 16 songs standing.

Round 3 – 16 songs.

From here, there is a random knock-out draw, followed by the Quarter Final (8 songs), then the semi-finals, and finally the grand World Cup Final of the remaining two songs.

Who will win? You can only find out on Twitter with Cherry Lipstick!

Get ready to get voting @Lipstick_Cherry !

It all starts on Sunday 14th April 2019.

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