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Ultimate 80s Poll - Group Results

The Cherry Lipstick ‘Duran World Cup of the 80s’ has got off to a flying start, with the Group Stage now complete. 64 songs from the 80s faced off in 16 groups, having been divided up into the following groupings: the UK singles; the first 3 albums’ album tracks; Notorious and Big Thing album tracks; and b-sides and extras making up the remaining quartet. You can read how we did it here.

So to the results! Top 2 qualify.

Only Notorious and My Own Way failed to qualify from Pot A. They were joined in the ‘disgraced singles’ exit chute by Meet el Presidente and Burning The Ground

Of the albums, the following qualified:

Duran Duran: 7/9 (Tel Aviv and To The Shore being knocked out)

Rio: 7/9 (My Own Way – twice! – and Last Chance On The Stairway failing to make it)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger: 5/9

Notorious: 3/10 (Skin Trade, Winter Marches On and A Matter of Feeling being the only survivors of a 1986 massacre)

Big Thing: 4/10 (the singles + Palomino)

Two b-sides made it (Late Bar and Secret Oktober).

The four instrumentals (Tel Aviv, Tiger Tiger, Faith in This Colour and Lake Shore Driving) all got knocked out.

The winner of the Cherry Lipstick World Cup of Duran Covers in May 2018, Make Me Smile, also failed to qualify.

Of the 1985 ringers, Some Like It Hot performed poorly. Election Day made it.

The 16 group winners were then drawn against the 16 group runners up in the first knock-out round to be voted at the Cherry Lipstick Twitter page.

The draw is:

The Seventh Stranger v Sound Of Thunder

Late Bar v I Don’t Want Your Love

All She Wants Is v A Matter Of Feeling

Is There Something I Should Know v Winter Marches On

Rio v Save A Prayer

The Chauffeur v Girls On Film

Election Day v Skin Trade

Palomino v Friends Of Mine

A View To A Kill v Hungry Like The Wolf

Hold Back The Rain v Anyone Out There

Planet Earth v Nightboat

Careless Memories v New Moon On Monday

Secret Oktober v Do You Believe In Shame

Wild Boys v Union of the Snake

Lonely In Your Nightmare v The Reflex

New Religion v Shadows on Your Side

Voting takes place 17-19 April!

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