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Cherry Lipstick Vol 1 1993-94

Cherry Lipstick is delighted to officially announce that the full set of Volume 1 fanzines are now available via digital download from our online Store

These 11 issues are, in the phrase of the day, 'rough and ready' but are also delightfully energetic, thoughtful, shocking, playful, loving and bursting with ideas.

To modern eyes (even to a lot of 1993 eyes) they lack the smoothness of today's publications. But if you've come with us this far, you may enjoy revisiting the Duraning days and news of the mid 1990s.

You can see the 11 front covers in all their glory, and some stories behind each issue, here, which hopefully will whet you appetite to check out the store.

I have been delighted to revisit these old fanzines. Cherry Lipstick shook up the Duran fanzine world and got an appropriate polarisation of opinions between disgust and adoration.

"Quite unlike any other Duran fanzine I've ever read! Keep it up!" said Jackie Dent in a letter to Cherry Lipstick after reading issue 1 in May 1993. We did. And, 28 years later, we do.

Volume 2 (1997-2001) is the process of being uploaded to the store over the coming weeks.

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