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Found in a Crowd

If you are reading this, you are highly likely to be a pretty big Duran Duran fan. You are likely to be involved in fan forums / social media groups, attend shows on every tour (possibly several) and have heard Future Past. And Pop Trash. This means your conversation will most likely be at a rarefied level. You will probably have various opinions about VIP pricing, touring schedules, and be able to name the year (and month?) from a picture of John’s hair.

You will also be aware that (almost certainly seated (far) behind you) there are thousands of concert goers who are not like you. You will be aware that it is for them that you are guaranteed to hear Hungry Like The Wolf et al and that they definitely don’t know every word to Anniversary. This may cause you to feel put out. But you will also be aware that it is those same thousands of people that enable you to attend so many concerts because, dear reader, a tour of the clubs playing those feted rare cuts will not last very long at all. And it will still be the case that not everyone can be front row.

So, in the spirit of meeting new people and doing some very vague market research, I chatted to some lovely people pre-show at Dublin in the concourse to find out about their hopes for the show – and whether they had heard Future Past. The conversations were recorded with permission.

Everyone was LOVELY and happy to chat, and share their Duran stories. It was a blast and a privilege to have people share their time and excitement for the evening ahead. Thank you for everyone who took part. [Just for the record, no one refused to talk to me!]. Given the show roared out the blocks from the first minute, I’m pretty sure there was something for everyone and they’ll be back next time.

[Disappointingly I was too shy to ask the first few couples for a picture, and then had to contend with the crappy camera on my phone].

Ann-Marie and Louise. From half-an-hour down the road in Dublin.

Have you seen Duran Duran before?

Ann-Marie: No, never!

Why are you here tonight?

- It’s a blast from the past.

Any songs you’re hoping to hear?

- I can’t remember a lot of them, to be honest! But when I hear them on the radio I know them!

Well, you might hear Rio…

- Oh yeah I know that one!

So I have to ask as I’m a bit of a fan, do you know the new album?

- Oh no, definitely not.

Louise: Oh I’m a big fan. I’m here for the 80s songs as well.

Well I know you are going to have a great time

- Oh the Dublin audience is good and it’s a good arena.

Breda. From Limerick, a couple of hours away.

Have you seen Duran Duran before?

Breda: This is my first ever Duran show.

Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

- I’m 37

So for our audience here today that’s on the young side! What brings you here today?

- My friend is over from Australia, but my ma and da when I grew up were massive Duran Duran fans and so I grew up with them and I know a lot of their music. When I saw they were coming I booked it immediately and I can’t wait.

Anything you are looking forward to tonight?

- I’m excited to hear Ordinary World. I recorded a lot of Top of the Pops series and so I can’t wait to see that live now.

I don’t think you are going to be disappointed!

- I don’t think so either!

Friend arrives and looks very suspicious

- Who are you?

I know it looks strange (“yeah”) but my name’s Adam and I run a Duran fan group and website called Cherry Lipstick.

[Friend now carefully checks her phone for evidence of the website and Twitter page…. VAR check is finally completed and the interview can continue. I learn the sensible friend is called Kirsten.]

Have you heard the new album?

Kirsten: No, not yet?

Are you interested in the new stuff?

- Oh yeah, definitely. I can’t wait to hear it.

Have you seen Duran Duran before?

- Oh no. I only decided I was coming on Monday. Breda was supposed to go with someone else and they pulled out. I’ll be honest with you, I had to go on Spotify to check. I knew Duran Duran but what songs do they sing? So I looked them up and went - ‘oh shit yeah they sing that song and that song!’

[We finished as good friends and they took a selfie with me for IG – sorry it is not here!]

Eugene and Angela. From South Omagh, an hour from Dublin.

Is this your first Duran Duran show?

Eugene and Angela: No!

Eugene: We came here in 2009 and probably saw them again them in 2010 – I have a t-shirt to prove it!

Angela: I didn’t know one song then but I’m back for the second time!

Eugene: My wee boy is at home and he sings Pressure Off. That’s a great song.

So, have you got Future Past?

Eugene: Yes of course! It’s a super album.

Angela: Is that the one you play in the car? What’s the one you like the best?

Eugene: I love track 6 [Velvet Newton]. I just absolutely love it. I love all their tunes, because I’m a DJ, and so I love music without vocals in it.

Have you seen the setlists for tonight?

Eugene: I’m hoping for New Moon On Monday and The Chauffeur. I know maybe they’re not going to play them, but you never know. Last time I was expecting older stuff but I was blown away with the new stuff. I loved Universe Alone. Unbelievable. My jaw dropped to the ground.

Angela: They were here last year at St Anne’s Park but I don’t like an open air venue.

Eugene: I want to see them as the main event, not at a festival.

Mairead, from a couple of miles away

Is this your first Duran Duran show?

Mairead: No, this is my second. The last time was here as well. I missed them the last time they played, at St Anne's Park, so this is my second concert, with my sister. She was with me last time in 2010, and we were just saying that was a long, long time ago!

What are you looking forward to hearing tonight?

- I would love to hear them play The Chauffeur, but I don’t think that’s on the setlist. So I’m looking forward to the classics like Girls on Film, and I think Save A Prayer.

Would you call yourself a big fan?

- I was a big fan and I love Simon le Bon – and I hope he’s not wearing white trousers.

I’m sure he’s got another pair of clothes to wear but we will see!

- Get rid of the green leather jacket too! [Oh dear - see below!]

And have you got Future Past?

- No, I haven’t. I have heard some of it, and so I’m looking forward to some of the new songs tonight.

Have you liked what you’ve heard?

- I’m a bit traditional and living in the past, living in the 80s, but I’m looking forward to everything tonight. And to following Cherry Lipstick on Twitter!

Maureen and Kevin, from Kildare, about 50 kms from Dublin.

Is this your first Duran Duran show?

Maureen: Yes. I’m excited for it. I’m a Duranie!

What you looking forward to hearing tonight?

- Oh, The Reflex, Rio and the one I was singing in the kitchen this morning… the one from James Bond… A View To A Kill!

Are you coming along as an unwilling partner?

Kevin: Oh no, I love the 80s – forever young!

Maureen: He comes with me!

Have you got the new album?

Kevin: No. I do have them on Spotify. I have heard some of then new songs but I love the 80s. You can’t beat the 80s. it just brings it all back. It’s back to a time when you were in your teenage years and you can’t replicate that at any other time in your life. And that’s what makes it special.

Hannah, Patricia, and Brenden, from "not too far away".

Is this your first Duran show?

Hannah: No, it’s our second. We saw them last year in St Anne’s Park.

So, Hannah you are looking a lot younger than most people here, and possibly the most enthusiastic person I’ve met so far!

- I’m 22 and I LOVE Duran Duran!

So how is that?

- I don’t know, but everything I like comes from my Mum! I love my Mum and all my good music tastes comes from her! I love Duran Duran – very summery vibes, always put my in a good mood, catchy, they're good fun.

And it doesn’t matter that their songs are 30 or 40 year old?

- That doesn’t matter. Their songs stand up today. They’re better than all the people now.

And have you heard the new album?

- I don’t think so… I like the classics.

Is there anything you are looking forward to hearing tonight?

- Oooh… Notorious, Union of the Snake hopefully, obviously they’ll do Girls on Film and Rio. A View To A Kill hopefully.

Did last year love up to expectations?

Patricia: Oh we were very impressed, it was great fun. And so we had to go this year.

Brenden: I like the more obscure songs. Like Do You Believe In Shame?, The Chauffeur. Obviously, we’re just going to hear the hits tonight and I understand that too.

Well, you never know!

- I hope so!

Catherine and Bruce, from Belfast

Have you seen Duran Duran before?

Catherine: No, but I’ve met them. My boyfriend booked tickets for me because he knows I’m a big fan.

And there’s another Bruce [Springsteen] up the road tonight!

- Yes, but Duran are better!

What are you looking forward to hearing tonight?

- Rio, Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, Girls On Film.

Have you got the new album?

- Yes I do and I like all of it.


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