New #Rio40 print fanzine!

Cherry Lipstick's latest print fanzine is all about the 40th anniversary of Rio.

Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Planet Earth with the publication of In Discord And Rhyme - unseen pictures of Duran Duran from 1981.

This year we celebrate Rio with you through the prism of our popular 'Lost Treasures' series. This focuses on each song and finds a new way to consider and enjoy some very familiar tracks to enhance your appreciation of our iconic album. We go through every track - and have some extra bonus 1982-related articles.

*UPDATE 31 March 2022: Exclusive interview with Malcolm Garrett (designer of every Duran album 1981-1984) added for you!


We are also publishing a bonus fanzine for you which considers Rio from an 'alternative' angle.

These two issues will be published on the occasion of Cherry Lipstick's 29th birthday! Yes, that's right, we started way back in May 1993 and are so appreciative of all those people who continue to follow and support us now in 2022. Cherry Lipstick continues to thrive as a place where fans can enjoy Duran Duran with our skilled team of writers, astonishing exclusive illustrations from The Paper Goddess, and hopefully some of the humour and attitude you would expect from CL after all these years.

None of these articles will be available on the website.


#Rio40 fanzine + bonus issue = £4.45



New low rates for shipping:

UK: 1.19p

Europe: £2.19

Rest of World: £2.95

*Adjusted 31 March 2021.

Secure your copy now through the pre-order - click to go to the CL Store.

And why there, please check out our other print and digital download fanzines, from 1993-2021.

In 2021 we published FIVE print fanzines. So many of you bought them - and you are thanked so much for continuing to show your faith in this, slightly mad, idea of continuing the noble tradition of print fanzine. I hope can continue to support Cherry Lipstick in our 30th year.

Adam, Editor.

Still available - our Future Past print issue from November 2021.

Quick image of from the front cover of your bonus issue...

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