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If all the teasers posted on social media are true, then at about 9.50pm BST on Saturday 15th May, (5.50pm ET) the new single by Duran Duran will be premiered on BBC Radio 2 as the conclusion to their 2-part 40th anniversary show.

This is a reason for great excitement and happiness in our Duran community. It is the first proper original song since the Paper Gods album in September 2015. It comes after a year of isolation and gloom, when hope and socialisation has been in short supply. It proves to us that better times are ahead.

The band have been pictured (sans social distancing) with a funky new guitarist (Graham Coxon) outside Hammersmith Odeon, scene of an iconic recorded show in 1982. Simon looks up for it. John is back in Blighty (another sign of change). Nick’s wardrobe looks fab. Roger obviously has a worrying self-portrait in his attic.

The single has a fun name. The setting of Hammersmith and the poses of the band do not suggest a ballad. America is lined up with major launch via the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday 23rd May.

Life is good!

Or not. At least, not everywhere. Thanks to the glories of the internet, the following have been swirling on the CL timeline:

There are demands that nothing less than the release of Invisible IMMEDIATELY on 12” vinyl will do; to have the album ready NOW; to tour here, not there; to have a video ready; complaints the publicity is late; to wonder where Dom is; that it should have been ready ages ago; that the Billboard show is only available in America; and to point out that there are 6 year old publicity pics of the band on the tacky Twitter announcements which is decorated with naff emojis (OK, that last one was Cherry Lipstick).

Yes, there are all the moans and gripes and various pet peeves that get wheeled out every time, no matter what the occasion.

‘Back in the day’ Cherry Lipstick ran a column called ‘Stop Bloody Moaning!’ The new Cherry Lipstick website has tried hard not to do that. There are times when the voice of the fans needs to be heard, and fun continues to be poked at our illustrious heroes. But in general, the needle and pain of yesteryear has been put to one side to enjoy the ride.

‘Cos, my friends, this is what it is all about. We’ve been waiting a long time. THEY’VE been waiting a long time. There may not be many more times like this. Maybe one or two new albums? So, sit back, get ready and let’s roll with the moment as we get OUR BAND to show off their NEW song to the world.

Of course, if all the teasers posted on social media are NOT true and the premier gets locked to the Americans at the Billboard awards show, then at about 9.50pm BST on Saturday 15th May, (5.50pm ET), there may be a different tone to the next article from CLHQ.


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