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Duran live - through the years

Fan review of live shows are a staple feature of fanzines. 

Here we share eye-witness accounts from shows as they happened, or as recalled through fond memories.

Memorial Drive, Adelaide, Australia. 24 November 1983, by George Kopsaftis

Oakland Theater, Los Angeles. 12 April 1984 by Baranduin Briggs


The Power Station, Jones Beach, New Jersey. 2 July 1985 by Anita Eve Perez

Live Aid, Philadelphia, 13th July 1985 

*Manchester International. 11 November 1988 by Sarah Longden

*'The Krush Brothers' Town and Country Club. 22 December 1988, by Samantha Nield

Wembley Arena, London. 23 December 1988, by J.R. Kiss

Tower Records 'World Tour'. 15 May 1993, by Kerry Poynter

Riverdale Music Theater, Ohio.  2 August 1993 by John Cutcher

Ahoy Theatre, Rotterdam, Holland, 5 September 1993, by Manon Wortel

Radio City Music Hall, New York.  12 January 1994 by Jenna Laurence

*Wembley Arena 18 January 1994, by Caroline O'Connell

State Palace Theatre, New Orleans. 1 December 1997, by John Cutcher

*Wembley Arena, 21 December 1998, by Stuart Moses

*Fleet bank Pavillion 14 August 1999, by C.K. Shortell

*Andy Taylor with Luke Morley, 16 September 1999

Wembley Arena London. 17 December 2000, by Rob Cecil

Central Park, New York. 30 May 2008 by Anita Eve Perez

Philips Arena, Atlanta. 15 April 2016 by Notoriousaurus Rex

Electric Picnic, Stradbally Hall, Ireland.  3 September 2017, by Ruth Galvin

Joanne Joanne (tribute band). 21 December 2017, by Adam Wilson

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas.  30 December 2017, by Baranduin Briggs

Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami. 12 February 2019, by Adam Wilson

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (again!). 22 February 2019, by Jason Lent

Andy Taylor, The 100 Club, London. 27 November 2019, by Ruth Galvin

Birmingham 02 14 September 2022, and Andy Taylor 15 September 2022, by Dee Cooke

*Birmingham 1 and 2, Scarborough, Isle of Wight, 14-19 September 2021, by Ben Rawson-Jones

*Only available in the Cherry Lipstick print issue Vol 3 Issue 12 November 2021

Ibiza Touch the Sunrise Weekender 29 April - 1 May 2022, by Ben Rawson-Jones



The four songs only played live ONCE! by Adam Wilson

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