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So True - a new fanzine about Spandau Ballet

A new fanzine for ex-Duranies!

It's funny how things can change quickly. Maybe it was my 50th birthday on 24th March. It was time to put away childish things and grow up, mature - make the commitment to a life I had been denying myself.

Why was it that I watched Blitzed? It's the new documentary about the London New Romantic scene from 1980. I saw it last Sunday. It was as if an invisible hand was tapping me on the shoulder and whispering in my ear, "This is what you have been waiting for." I may have glanced at that hand and seen right through it. I whispered back, "But should I? Can I?"

Reader, I did - and what wonders awaited!

From that Sunday just a mere cliched 96 hours ago I plunged into a world of Visage, Ultravox.... and Spandau Ballet. Even though I had work the next day, I stayed up until nearly twenty past 11 immersing myself in the songs of Spandau Ballet, from their early sort-of-good stuff, to their later commercial and critical disasters - Fight For Ourselves, Round and Round, How Many Lies and Be Free With Your Love. Every one so well known.

I then knew that my old life as a globally successful and internationally renowned Duran Duran fanzine editor had to be shunned as I launch SO TRUE - a new beginning for all those ex-Duran Spandau Ballet fans.

I ask you - with my reputation very much on the line - to join me in renouncing your life as a Duranie. Come on over and be #SoTrue with me!


Adam Wilson

Editor, So True


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