Lost Treasures... Forgotten Horrors...

The idea for this series came up when Cherry Lipstick relaunched in April 2017.  It was meant to be taken literally - a chance to slag off those songs that deserve it (the usual suspects plus those added to over time, hello Danceophobia) and celebrate the great that may have been lost in a Rio onslaught (such as Breath After Breath).

But then it became more interesting and the challenge to have a pop at the good and resurrect the bad was taken on.  This is what we have so far. 

The Lost Treasures:

1. Yo Bad Azizi by Adam Wilson

2. Bedroom Toys by Baranduin Briggs

3. I Do What I Do (John Taylor solo) by Adam Wilson

4. Chains by Adam Wilson

5. Someone Else Not Me by Quentin Harrison

6. Notoriety (Power Station) by Adam Wilson

7. Read My Lips by C.K. Shortell

8. Barbarella's (The Devils) by Adam Wilson (only available in the  Cherry Lipstick print fanzine Volume 3 Issue 6, July 2019)

9. Hungry Like The Wolf by Adam Wilson (withdrawn from the website)

10. Dirty Great Monster by Ruth Galvin

11. New Religion by C.K. Shortell (only available in the Cherry Lipstick print fanzine Volume 3 Issue 7 Sept 2020)


The Forgotten Horrors:

1. We Need You, by C.K. Shortell

2. Lonely In Your Nightmare by Morgan Richter (withdrawn from the website)

3. Save A Prayer by John Cutcher (withdrawn from the website)

4. New Moon On Monday video by Rokos Frangos

5. Electric Barbarella video by Rokos Frangos

6. Say The Word (Arcadia) by Ruth Galvin

7. Buried In The Sand by Adam Wilson 

8. Secret Oktober by Dee Cooke

9. Beautiful Colours by Adam Wilson

10. White Lines (Don't Do it) by Cloggs (only available in the Cherry Lipstick print fanzine Volume 3 Issue 7 Sept 2020)

© 2017 by JR Kiss.