Fanzine Week - how make to a fanzine in 5 days.

The relaunch of Cherry Lipstick was, of course, on the internet.  But its heart remained in those badly photocopied black and white pages that was sent out to people over the world.  How to capture that sense of urgency and havoc that each page used to bring?  

Posting one article at a time (as demanded by a blog) lost the clatter of different names and jumble of long and short articles together in one 32 page issue. 


The solution?  Fanzine Week!  A showcase of loads of writers with nuggets of insight and silliness.


The concept - 5 posts in 5 days that (theoretically) would make, if printed, the new issue of Cherry Lipstick.  


So each issue had its own new front cover and so many people chipped in, with many sending in their contributions as the week progressed. 

Fanzine Week 2: 18-22 September 2017

Day 1: Welcome / All You Need Is Now / Paper Gods

Day 2: The Allotment / Australia live 1983 

Day 3: RCM live '08 / Girls On Film '81

Day 4: Fliss and her first record / Dear Simon... / Andy's book

Day 5: Your letters


Two special 'issues' of Cherry Lipstick make up Volume 3.

Issue 4 - March 2018

Special 3-part feature on the Power Station

All links and information here


The Best of Cherry Lipstick in 2018! Your top 10 articles.

Volume 3 Issue 6 - July 2019

The first print issue of Cherry Lipstick for 18 years - and probably the last ever print Duranzine.

It really existed! It was a 44-page print fanzine all about the early years of Duran Duran - with a forward by Andy Wickett and two exclusive Cherry Lipstick articles.


44 pages of Duraning heaven. 

Fanzine Week 1: 10-14 July 2017

Day 1: Welcome / Atlanta live 2016 / DD40

Day 2: Fliss / Ruth Galvin

Day 3: Power Station live / Hungarian stories / Paper Gods tour stories

Day 4: Which Duran Are You? (see below) / overpriced tat on the website / Live Aid


Day 5: Your letters 

Fanzine Week 3: 5-9 February 2018

Day 1: Welcome / Vegas live / International Duran Fan Club '88 remembered

Day 2: Someone Else Not Me  inspiration / The Vevo Top 20

Day 3: Meet el Presidente CD single / My Own Way honoured / Newspaper headlines

Day 4: Mood boards (including the CL mood board - left - by The Paper Goddess) / John Taylor solo star

Day 5: favourite live songs


A mini-series in what it means to be a Duranie:


Part 1 by Ruth Galvin - youth, b-sides and GILFS

6 March 2018

Part 2 by Adam Wilson - the public face of fandom

9 March 2018

Issue 5 - October 2018

A special 4-part issue covering the fan-interviews conducted by the Dutch Go Duran fanzine. Re-printed for the first time in 15 years with the permission of the editors

Part 1 - October 1990 interview with John, Nick, Warren, Simon and Sterling

Part 2 - November 1994 interview with Simon

Part 3 - January 1995 interview with Warren

Part 4 - November 1995 interview with Nick

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