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The Simon le Bon Diaries - exclusive to Cherry Lipstick!

The first extract was found by Cherry Lipstick way back in 2001, and since then more have been discovered. 

Catch up here  with what may just be the TRUE untold story of Duran Duran - as seen through the eyes of our lead singer.

All extracts were transcribed by Geronimo.

May 1980: Simon is hopeful about getting back with an old girlfriend...

March 1982: Simon is at home with his parents and a bit fed up with how the new album is going...

March 1984: Simon is on tour in America and is a bit fed up with his band mates...

April 1984: Simon is a woo-ing with his new girlfriend - but he has her father to contend with as well!

May 1986 - Originally published in the CL print fanzine in September 2020, now available online since May 2024. It's 1986, and Simon is back from his adventures on Drum and is ready to reunite the Fab 5....


Another look at the events of June 2000, as related by Ruth Galvin.


Our 2017 Christmas story, set in December 1990,

by Charles Dickens.

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