Way back when... you sent a cheque, cash, postal order (remember them?) and in return at some point later you got a fanzine through the post.  So many readers, so many pages and you can find many of them here on this website.

Here are some of the best bits of those 30+ issues:

May 1993: The success of Ordinary World from the very first issue, by Adam Wilson

July 1993: No Ordinary World Tour - the Tower Records show from London by Kerry Poynter

September 1993: The Hedonists

September 1993: Dilate Your Mind US Summer Tour review by John Cutcher

December 1993: Warren v Andy - Who's the Hardest? by Adam Wilson

February 1994: A Flower Tale of New York, by Jenna Laurence

April 1994: The first CL Readers Poll

July 1997: How to make a Duran Duran album, by Adam Wilson

November 1997: Lamya The Dutch Dream, Rotterdam live 1993, by Manon Wortel

January 1998: Duran's Under-rated songs, by Rokos Frangos

February 1998: Medazzaland live in New Orleans, by John Cutcher

July 1998: The New Moon on Monday video, by Rokos Frangos

August 1998: the problem with Save A Prayer, by John Cuthcer

December 1997 and 1998: The Cherry Lipstick Christmas Album, By AW and John Cutcher

July 1999: Reflexology - translating Duran Duran, by J.R. Kiss

July 1999: Evolution of a Duranie, by Fliss

July 1999: Boys on Film - the Duran video story, by Stuart Moses

July 1999: The problem with the Electric Barbarella video, by Rokos Fran

November 1999: Duran-tology - interpreting Duran Duran, by the Waterbabies

October 2000: The Cherry Lipstick album review of Pop Trash by Rokos Frangos

February 2001: Planet Earth spoof CL issue from 1981, celebrating the 20th anniversary, by AW

February 2001: The Simon le Bon diaries, by Geronimo

May 2001: Why Duran love Jolly Bournemouth, by J.R. Kiss

May 2001: Pop Trash live at Wembley Arena by Rob Cecil

July 2005: The Dutch Go Duran - Why Warren had to Go, by Adam Wilson

January 2019: The Best of 2018! All new writing (nothing actually to do with the old fanzines)

January 2020: The Best of 2019!

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