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The Power Station


The whole story, in their own words, includes exclusive foreword by Michael Des Barres.

Our 43rd print fanzine!

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Rio at 40!

Our tribute to our classic album

Retrospectives on every song - twice!

Exclusive interview with Malcolm Garrett. A great print fanzine to celebrate Rio's 40th aniversary

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The Cherry Lipstick
5* Album Reviews
From the debut album to Future Past!
The story of Duran Duran through their music.  A new retrospective review of every album written by the Cherry Lipstick team.
Plus Arcadia review and more!


The Simon le Bon Diaries

Newly discovered, here is the 'true' story of Duran Duran.


  Take a good album, and make it better

Volume 3 Fanzines


Our online and print fanzines created since 2017

             Lost Treasures... Forgotten Horrors...


The songs you've forgotten - both good and bad.

Concert Reviews

Re-live shows from all the years.

Cherry Lipstick

Back Issues 1993-2001


All issues from 1993 - 2001 are available for digital download from the CL Store (link above)

Read where it all began.

Plus:  The best of those issues

Volume 2: 1997-2001


EARLY DURAN 1972-1980

Our amazing 44-page fanzine tells the story of the band in their own words.

The Cherry Lipstick Fans' Poll

Around the World in 40 Shows

Showcasing 40 special concerts from Duran's career

The Power Station

The whole story - in their own words

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Cherry Lipstick has a long history of ending. It stopped for the first time in 1994, then started again in 1997, then stopped again in 2001. This website (which started in 2017) was only meant to last one year. And yet here we are. Then CL was planned close at the end of 2020 when the review of Rio was completed and the fanzine was sent out. A key driver was to end Cherry Lipstick before the new album came out. I had no wish to oversee a fan social media site about an album I did not enjoy - the spectre of Paper Gods II was worrying to me, Whilst the first incarnation of CL had been pretty gung ho, I have wanted this series to be more upbeat and celebratory. Hey, we all grow up. But then the unseen photo issue was planned and gave a new lease of life to things in things in to2021, by which time Invisible was so good it all carried on a bit longer. Then there was a plan to end it in 2022 because there wasn't going to be a new album for ages, and it DEFINATELY going to end in January 2023 because the website had not been renewed. I felt like I had run out of things to say a, and with Future Past being a complete triumph, it seemed like a good time to drop out. But I got talked into renewing the website for another year, and the shows were fantastic, and then Andy is coming back, and now here we are in August 2023. Anyway, as i have said on a near monthly basis since April 1994, Cherry Lipstick is ending next year. Definately. AW / 27.8.2023.

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